Receiving a Gift Card

The 10 digit number under the Gift Card on Gifted app is your Card ID.
If you have a physical Gift Card, the Card ID can be located in the lower-left corner

We’re sorry! We currently don’t have this feature

Sorry! This is not possible – our Gift Cards are normally valid for 12 months unless otherwise specified on your card "Validity". Please always remember to check your card's expiry date and use your card before it expires.

Go to My Cards tab in the Gifted app and select a card from the list. The expiry date can be found in the Card Details screen.

This error pops-up when the Gift Card you received has been registered to another phone number. Please reach out to us with the phone number you received the Gift Card from to and we will fix this for you.

We’re so sorry for the inconvenience. This could happen for various reasons, please reach out to our support team on or Gifted app chat and we’d be happy to find a solution for you.

Try disabling your ad-blocker on the phone or change the network connection and try again.

If it doesn't work, please reach out to and we’ll help you out! 

Step 01: Open the link sent to you via SMS and click on the link through your mobile phone
Step 02: If you haven’t installed the Gifted App, you’ll be automatically directed to Google Play Store or the App Store. Download the app to reveal your gift code.
Step 03: Open the app in your Google Play Store or App Store.
Step 04: Agree to the Terms and Policies and register your phone number on the Gifted app.
Step 05: Your Gift Card will be saved automatically once the phone number is registered and secured in the ‘My Cards’ tab. That’s it. You’re now ready to redeem and shop!
*Make sure you've downloaded the latest version, for the best gifting experience.