Sorry to hear that! Please try these quick fixes,
Make sure that you remove any spaces from the gift code when you copy it over or type it into the merchant's checkout page.
If you continue to experience any technical issues on the merchant’s web checkout page and notice that you’ve received an invalid code, you would have to directly contact the merchant. They know what to do and how to help you out!
If the QR Code won't scan, ask the cashier to type in the Gift Card code manually by hand.
If none of these options work, please know that you can reach out to for personalized assistance.

For certain Gift Card brands, you can choose to redeem either a portion or the full amount. Any unused balance will be retained on the card until it's completely used, as long as the card remains valid.

SMS: Simply enter the recipient's mobile number, and we'll send the gift card link directly to their phone.

Email: Enter the recipient's email address, and we'll deliver the Gift Card straight to their inbox

Post: If you prefer a physical Gift Card, we can mail it to either your address or directly to the recipient's address. (Please note that physical Gift Card delivery is exclusively available for bulk business orders only.)

Absolutely! Gift Cards purchased from Gifted can be customised to make your gift even more special. You have the freedom to:

Add Personalized Greetings: Write a heartfelt message to accompany your gift.
Include Images: Upload special photos to add a personal touch.
Attach Videos: Make the gift truly memorable by adding a personal video message.

With these customization options, you can create a unique and thoughtful gift that your recipient will cherish. Start personalising your Gift Card today!

Ensure the email address, phone number, or mailing address provided is correct. Check the Spam / Junk Folder: Sometimes, our emails might land in the SPAM or Junk folder. Ask the recipient to look there as well.
If everything appears to be correct and the Gift Card is still missing, please contact our support team at for further assistance.

Card delivery via SMS and email happens almost instantly but sometimes things could happen and it can take up to 5 hours to process. We appreciate your patience! Physical card deliveries could take 9-15 days.
If you experience a longer delay, please feel free to reach out to We’re here to help!

Gifted offers a diverse range of local and international brands. You can check out the brands we offer at