About Gifted

Gifted is a marketplace for digital Gift Cards. We bring together a variety of popular brands and experiences - big and small - all into one platform.

At Gifted, we create a more delightful experience for everyone - the brands, the buyers, and the receivers.
Take a peek. It’s better on the App.
Download our App to purchase, send, store, and redeem Gift Cards from all your favourite
brands. It’s easy and fun!

It’s a digital Gift Card aka eGift Card that allows you to send someone (or yourself) some instant cheer.
Gift Cards can be redeemed at the merchants’ stores, restaurants, and online. You can also use your Gift Cards toward a portion of the purchase, and use another form of payment i.e cash, debit or credit to pay the balance.

Gift Cards are delivered instantly via SMS that can be saved and stored securely on the Gifted app. 

Click on “Give Away” to send the Gift Card to someone else. 

Click on “Reveal code” if you want to use the Gift Card yourself.

Gifted Plus is our all-in-one Gift Card to make gifting easy for you. And since we have
over 70+ popular brands for you to choose from you’re sure to please everyone -
colleagues, friends, and family!

It’s perfect to reward staff, build brand campaigns and even use as client gifts.

*Currently available only in Sweden, Denmark & Norway.